Electrical Design

For more than forty years we have dealt with the design of control systems for the automation of machines and systems, power panels and power distribution. We are active in the field of plastic working and in the field of presses and boilers.

We also work with manufacturers of machines in every industrial sector, including the car industry, food, packaging, chemical processes and water treatments.

G2 can follow through the design of control systems from the simplest with just electro-mechanical logic, to command and control systems with PLC logic, to lines of panels connected together with automation PC, with HMI (human-machine interface) and with systems to monitor a system or a whole department.

The design takes place in conformity with the current IEC international reference standards and, with its great experience in the field, G2 can also tackle designs according to the Canadian CSA standards or American UL standards (Certificate No. 5001719 issued by INTERTEK)

Our technical office can guarantee a technically state-of-the-art quality product and a rapid, punctual and flexible technical service.

In house we produce all the necessary documentation, from the functional wiring diagrams, to terminal boards, cable lists, panel and push-button panel layouts, lists of rating plates, detailed drawing up of the bill of materials, special terminal boards and connector connections, all supported with the most modern and innovative Eplan P8 dedicated electrical program. The documentation, complete with inspection reports and compliance certificates, will be supplied on paper or in electronic format.

The wiring diagrams can be produced in the language required by the customer. In recent years we have drawn up a multilingual technical glossary, continuously updated and translated by specialists, of more than 14,000 entries. If necessary, we can produce specific electrical symbols, if they are missing from the standard references.

The dedicated thermal calculation is drawn up for each electrical control panel, by means of software, to evaluate the need for cooling as well as the type (ventilation, heat exchanger, air conditioner) to avoid overheating the equipment.

Customisation of the design is our trump card.

G2 offers itself as an ideal design partner and works with the customer to solve all electrical, technological and safety problems of machines and systems.