Electric panels are the synthesis of technical evolution in the electrical world. First they were simple containers, then a synthesis of distribution and control, in the future they will be advanced power management centres, integrated in structures connected in networks.

Even in this digital era, the wiring of panels is still a complex art, central in the activity of our workshop.

Within our more than 1000 sq.m. workshop, a workforce with long experience assembles and wires the electrical panels to the state of the art with certified quality and carefully produced finishings, guaranteeing a quality product.

Production follows standardised and tested procedures. The activity starts from the detailed wiring diagrams, approved by the customer; we then procure the materials necessary for the assembly and the later wiring.

The company can supply any type and brand of wires and sheaths used in the wiring inside the panel and on board the machine.

Any type of wiring can be connected with all the types of connector on the market (power, control and/or communication).

Finally two quality check tests are carried out; the first consists in the precise and scrupulous electrical check of the wiring and equipment installed; the second concerns the functional check of any electro-mechanical logics and software implemented (blank test).

If the tests are successful the certification and compliance certificate are issued.

To guarantee a top-quality product we only purchase and install materials from leading world brands.

A complete solution for the control of hazardous zones in Industry 4.0

G2 provides a complete solution to control dangerous areas within Industry 4.0 revolution. A fully integrated alarm and safeties control panel system, which runs and controls all the alarms that may occur.

In particularly complex industrial installations, which must satisfy high safety standard, it is necessary a fail-safe automation system, for the integrated detection of alarms in high deflagration risk processes.
The alarm electrical panel, designed by G2, uses DC UPS modules. They avoid costly system shutdowns if there is an unexpected power cut.


  • one controller for both standard and safety automation;
  • better system integration;
  • the logic of the safety functions is software-based and not longer wired;
  • the software solution can be easily reproduced;
  • conforming and certificated solutions can often be used as independent blocks;
  • rapid faults detection thanks to better diagnostics.

Homologations / certifications

Fail-safe controllers satisfy the maximum safety requirements and conform to the relevant standards: EN 954-1 up to Cat. 4, IEC 62061 up to SIL 3, EN ISO 13849-1 up to PL e, UL 1998 UL 508 and UL 991 and NFPA 79-2002 (US) and NFPA 85 (US).