Software Design

Our team dedicated to software development uses the latest-generation programming languages and technologies, which reduce development times and thus the costs of producing and maintaining applications. PLC programming is a strong point of the G2 automation department.

The selection of the development technologies is always evaluated on the basis of the context, the objectives of the application to be produced and the specific customisation needs.

Even the most obsolete languages are managed so that we can, when required, work on already existing applications or when it is fundamental to search for optimisation and check certain low-level performances, always bearing in mind parameters of time and development cost.

The work of our engineers is not limited just to software development but we also supply a series of services on the basis of the customer's needs, such as start-up at the final customer, training and after-sales service. We are constantly on hand to solve any software problem which may arise during system start-up.

The creation of human-machine interfaces and control and monitoring systems in the industrial field has always been a fundamental component of G2's activity.

This has allowed G2, in its more than forty years of activity, to accumulate a stock of experience so that it can activate a fast and effective approach in solving problems and in looking for the best solutions in this field of activity.

We develop applications for most of the PLC platforms on the market:

  • Siemens
  • Rockwell Automation
  • Mitsubishi
  • General Electric

We have experience in the management of all types of field network, such as ProfiNet, Profibus, Ethernet, MelsecNet, CC-Link, DeviceNet, etc.

The human-machine interface is an important aspect.

The constant need to make the operator interaction with the machine/system as simple and intuitive as possible is our everyday objective.

G2 develops projects with the most well-known development environments on the market:

  • TiaPortal
  • WinCC
  • ProTool
  • Factory Talk View Studios
  • GT Designer3
  • Proficy
  • Easy Builder Pro

To complete the software development service we write the manuals needed to use the equipment and train the operators during the machine/system start-up and final inspection.